How We Work – The “Wilco Way”

Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc. offers distinctive and functional custom design, superior products and exceptional service.  By providing you with information on how we work up front, we realize you feel more comfortable with the building and remodeling process.

Bid Stage


Preliminary Bid

Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc. will supply verbal budgets based on size of home and National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) published standard cabinetry allowances.

General Estimate

Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc. will supply a general estimate for cabinetry based upon blueprints with the wood species, door style and finish information supplied by owner/builder.  This estimate does not include interior cabinet storage aids, specialty finishes, or decorative cabinetry features and is based solely on footage of cabinetry shown in blueprint.  

This estimate requires clients to supply a blueprint to the designer and schedule an appointment to review the bid in our design center.

Firm Estimate

Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc. will supply a written estimate after the design stage has been completed. This estimate combines cabinetry footage, storage aids, specialty finishes if applicable, and all decorative cabinetry features and design concept. See design stage below.

This estimate requires clients to schedule an appointment with a designer to review the layout and design concept.

Design Stage

An appointment is scheduled with a designer to review the layout and design concept. The design fee (retainer) will be established and charged so floor plan and elevation drawings can be initiated. Upon completion of drawings, an appointment is scheduled to review the drawings and written estimate. The drawings and design concepts remain the property of Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc. and all copyright statutes apply.

Drawings will not be completed for clients unless there is a signed proposal for the job or a design fee has been collected. The drawings include floor plans of rooms with cabinetry and elevations of each wall of cabinetry.

All dimensions and size designations on the design drawings are subject to verification on job site. Drawings are considered an artist’s interpretation of the general appearance of the room. These preliminary drawings are not for architectural or engineering use. Dimension and center lines are included on all floor plans after final measuring of the job.


Production Begins

Once the design drawings are approved, the contract signed and the job site is final measured, we begin the production and installation phases. Your Wilco design professional continues to work with you, your contractor and the other subs throughout these final phases to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.