Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Wilco Cabinet Makers has made a list of questions for you to ask yourself, before you get started…

  1. What DON’T you like about your current kitchen
  2. Create a “wish list” for your new kitchen, and then number the items in order of importance
  3. What items (ie: cabinetry, flooring) do you want to put the most money into?
  4. If necessary, what items are you willing to save $ on?
  5. How much can you realistically afford to spend? Setting a budget before hand will make the process easier for you and could save you money.
  6. What style do you want? Start saving pictures from magazines if you aren’t sure.
  7. Is the kitchen the beginning point for remodeling other rooms in your home?
  8. Are there time constraints for the work? If the project absolutely has to be finished by a certain date, please let us know first thing, so that we may help you in meeting the deadline!
  9. What qualities are you looking for in your kitchen designer?
  10. Are you working with an interior designer as well?
  11. If you plan on making big changes to your kitchen, what functions or activities do you want to plan for in this space? (ie: adding a fireplace, desk area or adding a table instead of the current breakfast bar)
  12. How will your family change over the next few years? Will you become “empty nesters,” or new parents?
  13. Do you plan on selling your home in the next couple of years of do you plan on retiring in it?
  14. Do you plan on doing any of the work yourself?
  15. Do you do a lot of entertaining? If you do, it’s true…everyone does always flock to the kitchen!
  16. Are there major structural changes to consider, such a moving a wall of window?